Durable Vinyl Windows & Doors

Update your home with vinyl windows and doors from Vynex Window Systems Inc. in North Versailles, Pennsylvania.

Your home is a valuable investment. Give it the best with our energy efficient, custom crafted vinyl replacement windows. Designed to withstand the sands of time.

Vinyl resists the harshness of extreme weather conditions, pollution, salt air, and dirt. Vinyl will not rust, rot, pit, chip, dent, or corrode. And vinyl is thermally efficient.

Care-free, maintenance-free vinyl. Your best answer for superior performance, good looks, and added value for your home.

At Vynex, quality is not the only difference in our windows, but the customizability of our windows as well. We custom build windows to match the opening. We do not sell stock windows. We have a wide variety of styles, glass, shapes, and colors to fit the character of your home and your personal style.
Vinyl Windows — Window in North Versailles, PA

The Fully Welded Sash

1. Durability: Heavy-duty .070" multiple chambered extruded vinyl.
2. Insulation: Full 7/8" sealed insulated glass maximizes comfort and energy savings.
3. Weather-proof: Double fin-type weather-stripped interlocking sash locks out air infiltration.
4. Operation: High performance balance system provides dependable performance.
5. Cleaning: A simple push of the fingertip releases both sashes inward for convenient, easy cleaning.
6. Convenience: Integral extruded lift handle is incorporated into both upper and lower sashes.
7. Design: Co-extruded dual durometer glazing system is "state of the art."
8. Drainage: Sloped sill design ensures quick water runoff.
9. Security: Revolving cam lock draws top and bottom sashes together securely.
10. Ventilation: Vent latch provides fresh airflow.
11. Strength: Fusion welding provides unmatched strength, permanently bonding all sash members as one.
12. Efficient: Fusion welding eliminates corner gaps. No gaps mean no air or water leaks...and no money on fuel bills.
13. Weather-Resistant: Exterior glazing bead locks in the glass and locks out wind and water.
14. Comfortable: Maximum thermal efficiency provides year-round comfort.


Doors are the counterpart of windows to add to the beauty and aesthetic of your home. Our selection ranges from screen and storm doors, patio doors, entry doors and sliding doors. We can design and customize a door to your liking. Add character to your home by choosing one of our uniquely crafted doors.
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