Finely Crafted Wood Windows

Add beauty and sophistication to your home with elegant wood windows from Vynex Window Systems Inc. in North Versailles, Pennsylvania.

Fine homes have always been furnished with a variety of hardwoods that stained pine windows could never quite match.

Now you can frame your favorite views with patented Custom Clad® windows made of thick, rich hardwood interiors of poplar, oak, cherry, or mahogany. Each one, beautifully enhancing such cherished surroundings as natural hardwood doors, floors, cabinets, molding, and furniture. And, each one, wed with a maintenance-free exterior made from multi-chambered, welded vinyl in your choice of color. These fine crafted windows, made one at a time, fit every home's openings precisely.

For Custom Clad® windows, we use Poplar as our standard hardwood interior because it is exceptionally able to accept a wide variety of stain and paint. In addition, we manufacture Custom Clad® windows of hardwoods, such as oak, cherry, and mahogany, which are generally not painted, but can be stained for exceptional beauty, warmth, and luxury.

Wood Windows — Door in North Versailles, PE

Wood Windows Constructed with True Hardwoods

Our wood windows are crafted like fine furniture, one at a time. We do not use pseudo hardwoods, like pine, as they dent and deform easily. Instead, we use true hardwoods: poplar, cherry, oak, mahogany, and many other stain grade hardwoods.
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